DOMINANT CONSTRUCTIONS was founded in 2005 and is based in Thessaloniki.

Since the beginning, the firm’s activity focuses mainly on the construction and renovation  of various businesses, as well as living places in the industrial and private sectors.

The firm is staffed by experienced certified engineers of all specializations, and supported by a wide team of qualified external partners of all related trades. The experience of its executives and partners, is the main factor which drives the company forward, in a path of growth and development.

Up to now, the company stands out for the professional attitude of its executives and partners, in every aspect of the services we provide, despite the complexity or the size of the project.

Our aim is to provide high quality services in all the fields of our operation, and our main priorities are consistency, efficient programming, and customer’s satisfaction.

Our goals are:

– High quality

– Immediate response to the needs and timetable of the client

– Reliability

– Competitive prices

With respect,
Zampros Asterios
BA Business Administration
Brunel University , London, UK
University of Lincoln, UK